Uyayi – Tagalog for lullaby – is envisioned as a structure reminiscent of both a dove and a boat. The design is intended to evoke peace, and the desire for peace in this island long disturbed by conflict. Within this space of peace, art can flourish and take sail to cross oceans. In that sense, too, the structure is meant to be reminiscent of a cradle, where imaginations can grow in peace.

The designer also sees it as a representation of a phase in his own creative journey. Originally entitled ‘Bangkapayapaan,’ the design was first conceived as an art installation piece, and meant as a resonse to the 2018 Zamboanga Siege. It was first installed in Davao’s Abreeza Mall before being made into a public monument in General Santos City. “Uyayi” is the scaled up version of the concept, developed as possible design for another Artspace in Davao City.